Sunday, 7 December 2008


Stink. I didn't mean to get so tipsey last night, it just happened. Sometimes I feel like I would just like the queit life and to party less, but you just get swept along by life. I don't want to stop having fun, but I do wish I knew when to stop wine and start drinking water.

Christmas is coming, and that means a whole lot more socialising. And hangovers. Although now I've passed my driving test, when I go home i'll be driving a lot and obviously not drinking. Which will be alot better for my health.

I'm of for Sunday roast in Soho now. I'll have an orange juice with that please.


Anonymous said...

I hate hangovers, I get them for the smallest little drink :(

Tabby said...

Urgh. How can something so much fun cause so much pain the next day???