Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Crimes of Fashion: Ferne Britton

There is something very wrong about this outfit. Now don't get me wrong - I think it's fantastic Ferne Britton has managed to loose so much weight and she obviously feels great. However, she seems to be feeling so great that she has forgotten her age.

Could someone please tell our Ferne that at 51 it's not OK for her to be borrowing her daughter's Kate Moss @ Topshop ruffled mini-dress. She frankly looks ridiculous. And I hope it is her daughter's dress. If Ferne has actually gone out and bought this it somehow seems ten times worse. She is not just showing a bit of knee, she is showing practically her whole thigh. There comes an age where a woman should gracefully accept it's not quite right to show off her entire leg, and most likely her bottom too.

The huge scarf, long coat and snow-boots finish off the disaster, drowning her in layers. This whole look adds ten years on to Ferne, making her look tired and frumpy.

Please Ferne, now you have this amazing new figure - do it justice! Leave the ra-ra ruffles and mini dresses to those young enough to wear them, and invest in some beautiful tailored pieces. I'm sure you can more than afford your own wardrobe, so leave your daughter's alone!

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