Sunday, 15 February 2009

French Kissing

I have been making the most of my singledom in recent weeks. I have reactivated my membership on a, and have been in full flirt mode on nights out with the girls.

On Thursday I went for a date with a guy from MSF. It wasn't the best. He was dissapointingly short, as so many often are when meeting this way, and after a few drinks he started playing air guitar with a pool cue when there wasn't even any music playing. And yes he wanted to play pool on a first date. And he also spent about 20 minutes networking with some guy in the members club we were at. Not the best impression to make on me really!

Infact the best part of the night was once I got home. I had forgotton my keys and was waiting in the porch for my housemate to get home and my gorgeous neighbour found me and invited me into his to wait, with a glass of wine. He is french and his accent mesmerising, so a glass of red wine and two cigerettes later I was smitten. He hillariously tried to teach me how to say 'Roux' and laughed at me for my complete inability to make the sound properly. We also discovered we share the same birthday!

Well, I saw him last night in the pub over the road from our building and may have had a cheeky valentines kiss with him. Or two. And I woke up swooning this morning! But I'm not sure if is a good idea what with him living a couple of doors down the corridor. My housemate says there is nothing wrong with it, but her boyfriend warned me not to 'sh*t on my own doorstep'. Lovely phrase there, but a sensible meaning. I'm not sure if I fancy sharing a front door with someone I'm thinking of kissing a bit - it could all get abit awkard when we stopped kissing each other.

Wah but he's so gorgeous! And French!


Oh well, I've got another date tomorrow night which should distract me at least for one night. Let's just hope this guy doesn't have penchant for pool cue air guitar.


Emmie said...

ooooo this sounds really good!!

I get what your friends are saying, it coud be awkward if things went really bad but if you kep it fun with the neighbour then I dont see tha harm :)

I hope your next date goes well x

Anonymous said...

OMG your date sounds truly awful. He wanted to play pool and then played air guitar with the pool cue! I'm surprised you didn't make an excuse to leave - I think I might have done a runner!

A French accent is sexy I agree. Have no idea if you should have fun with a neighbour or not. I wouldn't have thought it could be too harmful - it's not like a work colleague who you are forced to see all the time, it's quite easy to avoid neighbours if you need to.

Go with what feels right. Fun is good!

Anonymous said...

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