Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lazy and bad in the extreme

Yes I know it has been about two weeks since I wrote anything on my blog now. I'm disappointed in myself as I was doing so well!

In my defense I got paid, and then was out doing lots of stuff. It's the catch 22 situation of when you are skint you have nothing much to tell people about, but when you are out doing lots of exciting things you have no time to tell anyone.


justme said...

Don't worry! Blogging is not like homework.....you are not obliged to hand it in on a certain day! Good to hear you have been having fun though. Come back and tell when you have a moment.
I have been snowed in for two days now and it was nice at first but am getting a little tired of it now.

Emmie said...

ahh sounds like you've had a great time! I went birmingham a few weeks agao, It looked lovely with al the xmas decorations!

The snow has been awful, we've been hit hard in the mids.

Enjoy your busyness while it lasts! x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, blogging is just for when you feel like it. No obligation. It is too hard when people write every day or really often - I can't keep up.

You'd have no trouble keeping warm here - it is 39 degrees today in the shade! I could do with a nice shovel full of snow to tip inside my clothes!