Friday, 16 January 2009

I Swallowed a Cactus

I am feeling quite sorry for myself this morning. I have had a sore throat all week, but it got so bad yesterday, along with a fever, that I didn't go in to work, and I am still in bed now. My tongue has swollen up, and now my ear is starting to ache. All on the right hand side of my head/mouth/throat. Wah I hate sore throats.

And it's even worse because I don't have anyone to look after me, or go to the shop and get me orange juice and ice lollies. I would kill for some Ben & Jerry's cookie dough right now. And a biiiig glass of tropicana (with bits obviously).

It has also made me realise I really need to end what is left of my holiday romance with D. I spoke to him yesterday morning and told him how i felt really ill and was in bed, off work etc. Then when we spoke later on in the evening he didn't ask me how I was feeling at all, and after about ten minutes even asked me how work had been - he had totally forgotten or had just not been listening in the first place. It just made me wonder why I bother. If you have been seeing someone for nearly five months it would be nice if they actually made some effort with you.

I've been in a bit of a grump with the situation since Christmas really, he didn't get me a present or make any effort to meet up before I left for two weeks. Then, when we met up a week after I got back we had a stupid argument about the Israel/Palestine situation, and he really wound me up because it felt more like he was just trying to argue for the sake of arguing about something rather than because he felt strongly about it/had any real understanding of it.

I think basically he is just too young for me - and I have felt this all along but there was never really any issues, but over time I have started to notice I have different priorities. He just acts like a twenty-year-old, which is no bad thing by any means, but just not what I need. He is a good person, and it was nice to keep a bit if Ibiza alive for a while, but I think it has well and truly fizzled.

God my throat is hurting. I think sore throat is my least favorite illness and it means I get dehydrated quickly because it hurts to swallow, even water.

Has anyone got any pearls of wisdom for me to cheer me up a little? And if someone could pop round with a fruit pastel ice lolly that would be great.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Honey dissolved in hot water is a good palliative for a sore throat. Inhaling a little steam might help when the mucus begins to flow. I think you should avoid verbal communication with the chap you met in Ibiza.

Anonymous said...

Hot orange squash with some brown sugar in xxx

justme said...

Honey and lemon in hot water.....and. personally, I feel a good slug of whisky improves it too! Haven't you got about a dozen flatmates?.....Send one of them out for soothing ices for you. And ditch the baby. He really IS too young, or thoughtless, or something!
Hope you feel better soon. Come to think of it, have you tried antibiotics?? x

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you re the sore throat.

I always drink warm (not hot) water with lemon juice in it. I doubt that it helps (these things go away of their own accord) but it feels like I am doing something which is always a good thing.

No idea re the romantic entanglement. If you are anything like me you will change your mind a few times about it all before you finally decide! Good luck with it.

Emmie said...

aw poor hun. I hope you are better soon. No pearls of wisdom from me either, I really am useless with this kind of thing! I dont know why I bother with the opposit sex at all! x

Tabby said...

Thank you all for your kind words! I made it back to work today :o) xxx

Anonymous said...

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