Monday, 10 November 2008

Danni vs Cheryl

Can somebody please tell me what the point of Danni Minogue is on the X-Factor. What exactly is she famous for? With a pop career of no real note proudly under her belt she surely just rides on her sister’s success. I’d like to meet someone who can actually name a Danni Minogue hit, because I’m struggling. Whose bright idea was it to make her a judge on a talent show? Surely a judge needs some talent or at very least some kind of successful experience in the music industry? I mean, I’m not expecting Simon Cowell to jump up and sing us a song, but at least I am confident in his ability to spot and manage a popstar.

Last year Danni’s presence on the show could almost be justified as the ‘younger than Sharon good looking one’, but even that argument stands on shaky ground today. Her frozen face and fixed stare somehow reminds me of a praying mantis ready to bite the head off her mate. Quite frankly, she scares me. Compared to Cheryl Cole she is cold, and old. Every heart warming tear Cheryl cries pushes Danni further and further off the radar. Cheryl is real, she has her faults and her personal life has not been the easiest, but that is what the great British public warms to.

I’m not quite sure how Cheryl overnight became a ‘national treasure’, but it has happened. Her rage against the toilet attendant and questionable fashion choices of the past are forgotten. I now find myself amongst the throes of women who now envy her hair, and her wardrobe. Forget pop idol, Cheryl Cole is my hair idol.

And didn’t she look gorgeous on Saturday night’s show. Pretty-in-pink in a Matthew Williamson coral strapless number from the spring 2009 runway collection. Clashing neon-bright pink shoes complete the look. Lucky girl. Stood next her Danni is almost invisible. All hail Queen Cheryl and long may she reign.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, I very much agree...and yes! I want her hair too, how is it so lovely?

Tabby said...

Hair extensions, and an ecellent stylist I suspect.

Clarissa said...

A national treasure overnight. It's true. It's hard to take your eyes off her; she is so spellbindingly beautiful. And not a bitch (seemingly)!