Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Driving test nerves

They say third time lucky right? Well try fourth. Yes, that's right folks I'm about to take driving test number four on Saturday morning. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement. I don't know how anyone can say something gets easier with experience, as all my driving test experiences so far have resulted in failure. Hardly confidence building?

My main problem is nerves. I can drive perfectly well when it is just my instructor and I in the car, but as soon I as get in the car on T-day all the symptoms of nerves get the better of me. Trembling legs, clammy hands, blank mind and deafness. Yes I get it bad. Oh god, I'm getting it now just thinking about Saturday. Oh god.

So, on the day nerves always overcome me and I make a stupid mistake. I've never had more than four minors on a test, it's always one stupid major that gets me. Last test I was so nervous I didn't even notice I had made the mistake he failed me on, I was convinced I had passed until he told me.

I have failed on a variety of nervous majors: lane mistake on a roundabout, causing an obstruction (when I stalled in the wrong gear), something to do with a meeting situation and a major on a manoeuvre. I am starting to feel like I should change my name to Maureen and move to Wales.

Luckily I have a secret weapon for this test. Hmm, maybe it is more of a last resort than secret weapon. My housemate Miss Miller says it helped her to pass her test, and The Boy says his mum used to give it to him when he got upset and cried (this, readers, caused me to laugh so much I nearly weed). It's RESCUE REMEDY to the, er, rescue.

Apparently four drops of this elixir will restore my inner calm and help me feel at ease in stressful situations. I decided to give it a test-run before my driving lesson tonight but accidental squeezed way to much onto my tongue. Not wanting to fall asleep at the wheel I panicked and rinsed my mouth out, so I'm not to sure if I have felt the true effects. Maybe a little bit more than normal? Or maybe a little bit less. However. I did find everything quite funny today, and didn't even care when my instructor was 25 minutes late for the lesson. Managed to do all my maneuvers just fine as well.

Would be interested to hear how many attempts it took you to pass? Keep your fingers crossed for me. If I fail this test my theory will most likely run out before I can get another slot, then it will be back to square one again and I don't think I can take that.

Oh god......


Anonymous said...

I passed on my second attempt, on my 18th Birthday which fell on Friday joke.
Be careful with the Rescue Remedy. I used it on my first go, used too much and it blunted my responses, I failed..... Channel your nerves, be calm and confident, maybe pretend you're someone else. Just don't use too much Rescue Remedy!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Goooood luck, duck. When I took my test my leg started jiggling up and down and I couldn't control it. Passed though. First time. WOO!

Anonymous said...

So? Did you pass? I hope so!

I passed on my first test but I was completely rubbish. My instructor submitted me for my test the minute I started lessons cos he said the waiting list was so long. But somehow I got to take it after a few weeks and I think cos I didn't expect to pass and was calm, I somehow did.

It took me another year before I was competent though which is rathe scary.

Let us know how you got on eh?

Tabby said...

You guys all did so well! But i am happy with my forth attempt :o) Thanks for your kind words!