Monday, 24 November 2008

Gordon Ramsey playing away from home

Who would have thought it? Gordon Ramsay having sordid hotel romps with this not-very attractive blonde and a bottle of poppers. And not just once either, apparently the affair has been going for seven years with the woman who's previous affairs include Jeffrey Archer. The woman who classes herself as a 'professional mistress' and even wrote a handbook for other women conducting affairs on the subject. Classy. Turns out she approached Max Clifford to be her PR, and he thankfully turned her down.

Nice pants, love.

One Rebecca Loos in the world is plenty for me. Call me old fashioned but I don't see there is anything to shout from the treetops about having it away with someone else's husband. I hope this tart disappears back under what ever rock she crawled from.


Anonymous said...

Here here. I hate women like here. To be honest, i'm not convinced it happened. Take one look at her.... possibly making it all up the skanky cow. Just like Loos.

Anonymous said...

Well yes, best not to take too much notice of anything reported in the press. I never read such things. I don't know any of these people so have no right to information about their private lives and no way of knowing if it is true.

People have always had extra-marital affairs. When I had an affair and people found out about it, hordes of people regaled me with stories of stuff they had got up to. I was staggered as these were not people I would have suspected would do this - but I suppose the same could be said of me. It's just a fact of life. Generally the other half never finds out so I suppose it is OK. But this kind of publicity makes it so hard for everyone involved. It is a private matter.

Tabby said...

Yeh exactly, while i don't agree with affairs i accept they do happen and it is between the couple to work out themselves - I think once you are married you should try and work through things like this and move on from it together. What i hate though is the fact this other woman is trying to cash in on it all!!! You can bet your bottom dollar she set it all up herself for her five minutes of fame. urgh what a skank. Worse thing is though, by talking about her on my blog I guess I'm contributing to those five minutes... time to shut up now lol!!