Sunday, 16 November 2008

I passed!!!

Finally, after four attempts I am now the holder of a full valid UK driving license. Happy is not the word. I much less nervous this time, the rescue remedy seemed to do the trick. Also the examiner had a lovely soothing voice and was nice and friendly, unlike some of the horrors I've had before.

I got four minors, three of which were for driving a little too slowly. Infact when the test finished the examiner said his only complaint was that I drove like a granny sometimes. I think i was just being so cautious I didn't want anything to catch me out. Granny driving ha, that made me giggle.

The other minor was on my reverse round a corner. As I was doing the manouver a car approached me from behind, and then a huge lorry turned into the road. I paniced a little and swung out too wide, but managed to correct it. I even managed to do my parrelel park perfectly.

I;m just so happy, I could have kissed the examiner when he told me. All the blood sweat and tears, and thousands of pounds, has finally paid off.

Toot toot!

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