Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Midnight Potterer

I don't know if it is good blog etiquette to post three posts on the same day, but I am anyway. My last rambling of the evening is just a general moan about being a midnight potterer. I can never, ever got to sleep before at least midnight. There is always one last thing to do, one song to listen to and one last something to look up on the internet. I'm supposed to be rising at 6.30am tomorrow to do a hardcore Tai-Bo workout with my housemate, as I have a rapidly growing food baby that I need to be rid of, but now I will be tired and not get out of bed. And still fat. Life is very hard today. Squawk.

1 comment:

justme said...

I find it really hard to make myself get to bed early enough too! I can potter about for hours.... and I blame the internet for most of it! Sadly, I too then end up feeling exhausted the next morning.