Thursday, 27 November 2008

I am off work sick, I am literally sick. About three times this morning to be precise. I think Pizza Express may have poisoned me. Bastards.

I hate being sick. It's not so bad when you are sick from drinking too much, because you are generally too drunk to be fully aware of what's happening and you generally pass out afterwards. But when you are poorly sick you just regress to the vulnerability of your childhood days. I want my mum, and i want to lie on the sofa in my sleeping bag, be allowed to watch TV all day and be nursed with soup and ice lollys. Actually scratch that, I don't think i could hold food down right now. But having my mum would be nice, rather than my empty flat with not even a flatmate around give me sympathy.

Oh well, I'm a big girl now and will have to survive. I have managed to drag myself to the shop for emergency supplies of ginger beer and wholemeal bread before the weakness sets in. Ginger Beer? I hear you say, but this is a gem of Tabby family wisdom, passed down from generation to generation. Well from my Dad. but anyway, ginger beer is the most perfect tonic for sickness. Ginger settles your stomach and ginger in ginger beer form is the ideal way to take it. This, along with dry wholemeal toast, will save you from death via sickness I guarantee.
At any other time I would find it hard to walk into a shop and buy ginger beer and keep a straight face. Ginger beer is the strange forgotten drink that sits in the bottom of the fridge. It lives in the pages of Enid Blyton and your grandad probably used to drink it. But when ever I have sickness there I am, with a face of grim determination, stocking up on the stuff.

Oh and all my lovely new clothes from ASOS will be be arriving today, arriving to my work address. I am sulking.

So, sympathy is neeeded today people, and feel free to share your pearls of wisdom and rescue remedies with me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the ginger thing works, but I eat ginger nut bisuits instead!
and drink hot ribena!

Starshine said...

I LOVE ginger beer! Hardly anyone here has heard of it, and it isn't easy to find in stores. But YUM!

I hope you feel better soon. Here, we eat the BRAT diet to settle a woozy stomach:


That might be more for diarrhea, though. (I can't believe I just wrote that word in a comment!)

Anyway, I am sick too, but with a nasty cold. My husband is sleeping in the next room but I feel too miserable to sleep. Ick!

Starshine said...

BTW, Thanksgiving is different from Christmas. It is celebrated with a big feast: usually a turkey dinner with stuffing and cranberry sauce, and lots of other veggie side dishes with pumpkin and/or pecan pie for dessert. It is a day to give thanks for life's blessings.

justme said...

Oh poor you! Gingerbeer is excellent, and I find babanas (but not till you feel a bit better) can be good too. I know lots of people who have come down with a sickness bug lately. If its any consolation it seems to be a 24 hour thing. Hope you feel better soon.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

All the best for a speedy recovery Tabby!

Please do not drink too much, it ages the skin and facelifts are very expensive!

In addition you do not want to be dribbling in a nursing home a moment sooner than you have to. Excess is a mug's game.


Emmie said...

no pearls of wisdom orrrr rescue remedies from me im afraid, just get well vibes :o) Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you. I had the vomiting a week or two back and it was mercifully short-lived.

Interesting re the ginger beer - I shall try that next time. I only drink water if I have sickness - keep off anything else until I feel better.

But I love ginger beer. It is the only drink I would occasionally choose above alcoholic drinks. You can get some really good spicy organic ones these days too.

Katie said...

You poor dear! Tough luck, that. Cheers to you getting better soon!

The only things I have heard to settle a rangy belly are: A flat Coke, ginger drinks (ie: Ginger tea, beer, or seltzer) and toast or biscuits.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words on the death of my cousin.

Anonymous said...

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