Sunday, 9 November 2008

Extreme relaxation

Can there be anything more delicious than a lazy sunday with no commitments? I said goodbye to D at about midday as he headed off for sunday lunch with the family, and since then I have done nothing. Sod all. Absolutley nada. I have not even got dressed properly, and why should I? I have watched T4, read the papers and wasted a little more time on facebook. It has been the perfect day. The last few months have been so busy: most weekends spent out of London, and those spent here have mainly been disgustingly hungover. So here is to sober sunday's and extreme relaxation.

Top websites for sunday relaxtion:

Sunday Times: Absolutley essential. Although I would much rather have the paper in my hands that would mean going to the shop. Which in turn would mean getting dressed. Which in turn would mean leaving the flat. This is against the ethos of sober sunday's extreme relaxation programme.

News of the World: More essential sunday reading, required to fill in the gaps left by the Times - trash gossip. Love it.

Facebook: How many delightful hours can be wasted here stalking old school aqaintences and ex-lovers.

Jamie Oliver recipies: Who needs to buy cookery books these days when eveything you need in online. I'm more of a Gordon Ramsay fanto be honest, but I love the selection of recipies on Jamie's site. And a sober sunday is the perfect time to spend the afternoon cooking.

The Superficial: Celebrity commentary. In my oppinion superior to Perez Hilton. Hilarious and catty.

Stylefinder: I love this. My best shopping companion and source of inspiration.

youTube: My final essential website. When you have run our of news to read, clothes to buy and celebrities to laugh at there is youTube. Any song from your childhood you can think of can be found here. Episodes of America's Next Top Model for those unlucky souls, like me, who still only have terrestrial television. And of course funny videos of other people's misfortune just like this - lord only knows what she was doing!

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Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Agree with Sunday Times. I read the front page, then style section, Mrs Mills, AA Gill restaurant & TV reviews then In Gear for Clarkson's page.

Trying to steer clear of facebook at the moment though!