Saturday, 8 November 2008

London in October

I have woken up this morning to the sound of heavy rain on the roof, and it is enough to make me want to just dive straight back under the duvet and ignore the day. Sounds dramatic I know, but Autumn rain really depresses me.

Everyone rushes everywhere in the rain, and pays their fellow pedestrian even less attention than is normal for London. People just seem push and shove past each other, with no care for the danger their brollies pose to the other pavement users.

And aside from the health and safety risk of London rain, there is just the fact it hinders most plans! Going for a night out? Will need to take brolly to protect carefully styled hair; but where is one to put the dripping wet umbrellavwhich is far larger than one's disco purse? Shopping in the rain? Forget it; no hands free to hold the shopping bags.

Then there is the risk of spray from passing cars and lorrys in the roads, and the fact that while an umbrella protects the top of your head it does little to keep the rain off your legs. Soaked jeans anyone? And a downpour results in over crowded buses, crammed full of damp miserable commuters who normally walk the few streets from the tube.

So you see, I may sound like a moaning girl on this, but I really feel my dislike of London rain is justified. However, I am not going to let it ruin my day completely. Rain makes perfect weather for checking out a museum or gallery, which is exactly what I plan to do today.


Anonymous said...

once, i was off for a night out straight from work.... I was walking up to the bus stop when a bus whizzed past (as London buses do)right through a huge puddle. I got soaked right up to my waist. It was not fun being soggy for the rest of my journey and feeling like an old towel on my night out!

Tabby said...

Urgh I feel your pain. I hate rain!!!