Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shopping Time

Just treated myself to a few bits and bobs from ASOS. I love and hate this website in equal measures. I think that timers should be in place so limiting the amount of time clothes addicts, like myself, can immerse themselves there. I like to tell myself it's not really my fault that I'm clicking on all these garments, and I can't be blamed for spending money I don't have on more clothes. It's just not my fault....

Anyway, excuses aside, here's a little selection of my new must-have goodies!

A gorgeous navy blue wool mix coat. I love the subtle military style of the double breast and buttons. There was a riding coat I loved just a little more... but it was red, and I have red hair and was not too sure it would really suit me.

A check tulip skirt. Perfect for work.

And then of course I needed a little something to wear with the skirt... a necessary purchase and ticks off the lace trend.

Then I accidentally bought these...

Ooops and this... amongst others.

See why this website should come with a warning label? Maybe the mouse should too. Oh well, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to beat the winter blues. Let's just keep fingers crossed now that everything fits. Spending my lunchtime queuing at the post office would kind of eliminate the benefits of shopping online.

Now, what am I going to get rid of from my wardrobe to make room for all this?


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Blimey I hope they gave you free delivery for all that!

I went to Oxford st shopping this evening and it turned out to be a very cheap trip. Came back with nada. nuffin. zilch.

BAH :(

Tabby said...

I can't deal with oxford street after work. maybe its a combo of hunger and fatigue but i generally find it too busy and stressful. do have a very soft spot for the basement of topshop and that amazing selection of dresses.... as for free delivery no such luck! but £4 for a good shop is better than oxford street stress when i have a weekend hangover IMO.... shame u came back with nothing, maybe next time! what were you looking for? x